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Level 4 Certificate for Music Educators

Music Education Solutions® offers the Level 4 Certificate for Music Educators (Trinity CME) in partnership with Trinity College London. We are validated to deliver this qualification across the UK through Distance Learning.

The Trinity CME is suitable for anyone who works as a music educator with children and young people, including:

instrumental and vocal teachers
early years and primary teachers
community musicians and workshop leaders
professional musicians who undertake education work

The qualification assesses learners in:

understanding how children and young people learn music
planning, facilitating and evaluating their learning
reflective practice and professional development
promoting children and young people’s positive behaviour equality, diversity and inclusion

Our Distance Learning programme allows learners to study for the Trinity CME at a time and place that suits them. There is no requirement to attend the centre in person, instead the course can be completed remotely through e-learning. Learners can choose how long they take to complete the qualification, up to a maximum of 2 years.

Our version of the Trinity CME is a reflective programme designed for teachers working in any music education context. Each learner is assigned a mentor who will help them to plan their learning journey at the beginning of the programme, and support them throughout their time on the programme.

Interactive e-modules are provided for each of the 6 units of the qualification, with video, audio, web-based and text-based resources to give a range of learning options. The learners work through these modules in the order agreed with their mentor, and create a portfolio of evidence by completing the e-module tasks.

We operate a programme of rolling assessment, meaning that learners can submit their e-module tasks at any time during the programme. There are no penalties for submitting evidence that is not accepted, and learners can resubmit as many times as they like until they meet the required standard.

Successful learners have praised the centre’s provision, with 100% of completed learners surveyed rating the support provided by their mentor as Excellent.


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The cost of the qualification is £725.00

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