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Hey Presto Piano Method for Older Beginners

This new method is designed for the older student age 11 upwards and adults in mind, although younger children will be able to play the pieces too.
This age group are difficult to retain due to the lack of quality material and this often means that there is a drop off in student numbers.
You will find the pieces written in this book are captivating due to the clever use of the sustain pedal and inventive composition writing.
The use of pedal is explained in the foreword and pedal is used throughout in most of the pieces. To begin with the pedal is used on a very basic level and it will help to create the sound that young people today are more acquainted with. This is what makes the ‘Hey Presto’ method unique as generally we have been taught that we cannot use or teach pedal to beginners because of the added difficulties that it presents, however, this music is carefully written with that in mind. You will see as you progress through the book, easy to follow instructions at every step and by the end of the book ‘Momentum’ is around grade 1 level. This method has 40 pages packed with material and is extremely good value for money. There are some samples pages here for you to take a look at and there is a mix of styles including classical, folk pop, easy listening and jazz including improvisation.

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