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GCSE Music Composition Resource from NMC

Works from the NMC catalogue are the starting point for practical lessons and student exercises in our new GCSE Music Composition Resource.

Written by composer Dr Steven Berryman, this resource provides creative inspiration for students tackling the composition module of the GCSE syllabus through exploring music by 6 NMC composers. It is available as a free PDF download from our website, or is included as a module in the interactive music classroom software Focus On Sound.

The resource contains works by 6 NMC composers as examples and starting points for detailed composition tasks, listening exercises and activities for students, to help them in their own composition writing. In addition, we have created Spotify playlists with further listening taken from throughout NMC’s catalogue that demonstrate extra examples for each composition element explored in the resource.


Next Step

The free version of this resource can be downloaded as a digital workbook from our website, and includes everything students need to guide them through the composers’ work and tasks for each compositional elements.

The full interactive version of this resource can be purchased through subscriptions to MusicFirst’s Focus on Sound online classroom. More information can be found on their website here.

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NMC is an award-winning new music charity devoted to enriching cultural life by connecting listeners across the world with exceptional contemporary classical music by composers from the British Isles