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Discovering Music: The Blues

Added to website 12/08/2019. Updated 06/09/2023.

A free course introducing the history and key technical features of the blues.

This course is ideal for GCSE or A level study. Teachers may use it as a resource or it could by used as a self-study course for students. No ability to read musical notation is required. Technical information about chords and 12-bar is presented in short videos.

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • describe the historical context of the blues
  • explain the nature of typical blues lyrics
  • recognise a blues scale
  • understand the concept of primary chords
  • understand the 12-bar blues structure

About the Provider

The Open University

The Open University offers a BA (hons) Music, as well as other degrees in which music can be studied alongside other subjects. Students do not require GCSE, A-level or equivalent prior qualifications in order to registers.