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Creative Climate Tools

Added to website 20/05/2024.

Measure your impacts with the Creative Climate Tools, developed by Julie’s Bicycle for the creative community.

The CC Tools is a free carbon calculator designed to help organisations to record, measure and understand the impacts of their venue, office, tour, project, event or festival. They allow users to track a range of different impact areas including energy use, water consumption, waste, travel, freight and materials.

The tools also offer a Beyond Carbon survey which allows organisations to record what they do around sustainability, going beyond the basic carbon numbers. This survey is designed to double up as a checklist and encourage organisations to take further environmental actions in areas they may not have explored before.

As part of a recent development project funded by Arts Council England, a set of new features have been added for users to enjoy, including a Forecasting tool, a Return on Investment calculator, a Carbon Budget Setting feature and the opportunity to create your own custom footprint.

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Julie's Bicycle

Julie’s Bicycle is a leading not-for-profit, mobilising the arts and culture to take action on the climate, nature and justice crisis.