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Classroom Singing Resources

Added to website 18/03/2024.

These singing resources are designed to support singing in the classroom. Use the resources to build your own singing session by choosing one from each kind of video; a physical warm-up, a vocal warm-up and a song.

Choose one video from each step to build your session, and mix it up every time. They work in any combination so feel free to let the children choose the videos. You don’t need any special equipment, just make sure you’re comfortable, have a little bit of space around you, and that the pupils can see and hear the videos.

The videos are labelled with difficulty levels, and there is an explainer video for teachers too.

Subtitles in UK English are available for all videos by selecting the option ‘English (United Kingdom)’.

About the Provider


Described as “phenomenal” (The Times) and “devastatingly beautiful” (Gramophone Magazine), award-winning choir Tenebrae is one of the world’s leading vocal ensembles, renowned for its passion and precision.