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Christmas Jam

Added to website 21/11/2023. Updated 16/04/2024.

Christmas Jam is a fun activity suitable for beginner instrumentalists, in small groups or ensembles. There are individual parts for strings, woodwind, brass, guitars, piano and keyboards. It will develop aural, creative and ensemble skills.

This resource can be used with small groups or ensembles before Christmas. It is a lot of fun, and it develops aural, creative and ensemble skills along the way. Here, it is arranged it for easy strings, woodwind, brass, guitars, piano and keyboards. However, you could use the principles explained in the text for any level by changing the keys and rhythms appropriately. And you can adapt the words to fit the season! There are easy-to-follow instructions, followed by the material to use for each family of instruments. Strings: parts can be played on single instruments – e.g. all violas, or a combination of different string instruments.

Woodwind: the parts can be used for single instruments, or for mixed instruments – such as flute and clarinet. There are two versions the first version is in concert pitch, and the second is transposed to Bb and down an octave. They can be played together.

Brass: the parts can be used in group lessons or ensembles, with single instruments – e.g. all trumpets – or any combination, so long as instruments are in the same key.

Guitars: the parts can be used in groups of any size. Chord symbols are given for those wishing to use them.

Piano and keyboards: two versions are given – one using just black notes, for added fun. Parts can be played at any octave, so there could be more than one player on each instrument if needed. Chord symbols are given for keyboard players in the first version.

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