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Assessment in Key Stage 3 music

Jane Werry explores how you can create meaningful assessment strategies for KS3 music.

Wondering how to devise meaningful and valid strategies for music assessment at KS3?

In a world without National Curriculum levels, the challenge is for music teachers to devise meaningful and valid strategies for assessment. Ofsted advises us that these should not simply be a rehash of the levels system. In this webinar, Jane Werry, Head of Music at Hayes School offers some ideas for how this could be done.

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ISM Trust

The ISM Trust, the Incorporated Society of Musicians’ (ISM) sister charity, was created in 2014 to advance education, the arts and to promote health. We are dedicated to creating pioneering resources to support music and those who work in the sector.

Music Excellence London

From 2015 to 2017, Music Excellence London ran as a dynamic network of classroom music teachers, music education hubs, cultural organisations, and the wider music education community, supporting excellent musical teaching and learning at Key Stage 3 in London schools.