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ABC Creative Music Online for Primary

ABC Creative Music
  • A new way to teach creative music in Primary schools through your interactive whiteboard.
  • Child-friendly activities guarantee clear musical outcomes, but give children control, creating real ownership and achievement.
  • So simple you can deliver a very effective programme, even if you feel unconfident about music.

Features of ABC Online

  • ABC meets your curriculum and expressive arts targets and allows you to use creative music to explore interdisciplinary teaching of themes and topics.
  • Colourful on-screen interactive activities help your children establish creative skills in lower primary, composing with animal noises, actions and percussion sounds.
  • Age-appropriate sounds and symbols develop in sophistication as children grow.
  • In Middle Primary, your children start to work in groups with downloadable hand-outs, composing and performing with rhythm, pitch and words/lyrics.
  • Powerful X-factor style auditions drives rehearsal, performance skills development and peer feedback, so your children become experienced and confident performers of their own music, unlocking the joy of social music-making for all children.
  • Use our unique shape notation for rhythm- to allow all children to compose and perform their own rhythms from Year2/P3 onwards.
  • If you are a Music Specialist, move between the easy-to-use shape notation and conventional rhythmic notation and the stave.
  • Our new interactives for Pitch Composition in Upper Primary reinvent the use of chime bars in primary schools into an amazing creative and fun resource, as well as a great way for all children to develop music literacy

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