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5 Resources for Instrumental Music-Making ­and­ Whole-School Music

These free resources offer a progression pathway for instrumental music lessons and singing throughout the primary years and into secondary. They clarify the place of ocarina-playing within the music curriculum and model the ocarina’s effective use in whole-class lessons:

  • Whole-School Ocarina-Playing: instrumental music lessons and singing for all
  • Ocarina Music Curriculum: modular, sequenced music-making for ages 5 to 14
  • Beginner – first steps in playing ocarinas, reading notation and singing
  • Composer – practical immersion in the elements of music + whole-class composing
  • Explorer – sing, play and experience music around the world and through history

These resources are written for music specialist and peripatetic teachers as well as for general class teachers and senior leadership teams.

Whole-School Ocarina-Playing‘ and ‘Ocarina Music Curriculum‘ cross-reference the English National Curriculum Music Programmes of Study and the Model Music Curriculum to help with curriculum development and whole-class musicianship and skill acquisition.

Ocarina Beginner‘, ‘Ocarina Composer‘ and ‘Ocarina Explorer‘ include free teaching notes, progress charts and an outline overview for each Adventurous Music-Making title: over 300 songs, 12 hours of play-along music recordings, teacher and pupil books for ocarina-playing, singing and playing other musical instruments in a whole-class setting.

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