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4-hole Ocarinas – Tuned for Curriculum Music

Ocarina Workshop

English Ocarinas were introduced to UK schools from 1983 and are specifically designed for Whole-class Music in modern classrooms. The English Ocarina is a young instrument, derived from ancient vessel flutes from many cultures but precision designed with a uniquely new finger-pattern and UK-made. It is not to be confused with terracotta ocarinas that are neither safe for use in schools nor intended to be played as musical instruments.

The 4-hole Oc® “combines creative potential, ease of use, affordability and practicality” (award citation) and was recently named ‘The Best Music Education Product’ WINNER in the Music Teacher Awards for Excellence 2015. Ocarinas are easy-to-play and easy-to-teach, well established for first access, wider opportunities, and curriculum music from EYFS to Transition and beyond.

Ocarinas require no setting up, tuning or maintenance. They arrive ready-to-play and easy-to-store in compact storage boxes or round the neck. They are well-resourced and rewarding with plenty of course materials for children and teachers, including the acclaimed CD-Rom Software.

Unique Acoustical Properties…

  • a vessel flute rather than a tubular flute
  • pure fundamental sound with few harmonics
  • squeak-free, cuts out if overblown
  • sound blends well in large numbers and with other instruments
  • a consistent breath pressure makes each note equally easy-to-play
  • holes can be positioned anywhere on the instrument

Unique Fingering System…

  • each hole is equally easy-to-cover
  • minimal co-ordination of two strongest fingers on each hand
  • each finger-pattern gives one unique note
  • simple tablature requires minimal reading skills
  • a full octave can be played in the first 10 minutes
  • minimal skill, maximum music

Unique Teaching Method…

  • play melodies and musical phrases rather than isolated notes
  • code is cracked quickly, leaving time to develop musicality
  • staff notation is always present
  • open-ended technique leads on to other instruments
  • rapid progress gives sense of achievement
  • motivates children to want to continue with music

Try an Ocarina set yourself to explore the options for your classes:

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