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10 Tunes to Teach By Ear

This resource is for string players of all abilities. There are ten attractive tunes in a variety of genres, each one accompanied by advice on how to teach it by ear. Each tune has accompanying parts. The material can be used with individuals, small and large groups, ensembles and whole class.

This resource will help pupils develop their aural and ensemble skills. It will also help to consolidate technical learning. Advice is given on how to adapt material for a range of abilities, and ensure that there is enough challenge for more advanced pupils. It is particularly aimed at helping you teach pupils tunes they don’t already know – as opposed to helping them work out tunes they do already know.

Technical details such as bowing and fingering are left to the teacher’s discretion, or the choice of the pupil.

The top tips will help you teach the tunes no matter what your previous experience is of playing/teaching by ear. My videos explain further the various methods of teaching by ear. These can be found on my website.

To understand how to integrate these methods into a holistic approach, including playing from notation, developing creativity and consolidating technique, please see my book, Wild About Strings, which is available from Amazon, and other online retailers.

About the Provider

Music Wild

Music Wild provides resources and training for instrumental teachers as well as consultancy for Music Hub leads.