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Music Wild

Music Wild provides resources and training for instrumental teachers as well as consultancy for Music Hub leads.

10 Tunes to Teach By Ear

This resource is for string, brass and woodwind players of all abilities. There are ten attractive tunes in a variety of genres, each one accompanied by advice on how to teach it by ear. Each tune has accompanying parts. The material can be used with individuals, small and large groups, ensembles and whole class.

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Christmas Jam

Christmas Jam is a fun activity suitable for beginner instrumentalists, in small groups or ensembles. There are individual parts for strings, woodwind, brass, guitars, piano and keyboards. It will develop aural, creative and ensemble skills.

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This set of videos demonstrates how to teach pupils a new tune without notation. They are suitable for any instrument, level or genre. Activities can be used in individual, small or large groups, including ensembles and whole class.

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