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Youth Music-funded projects offered free access to Charanga’s YuStudio DAW

16th December 2022

All Youth Music-funded partners are eligible for a free Charanga YuStudio licence for the duration of their project. Once set up with a licence, every project participant and practitioner can use the creative music suite to learn about music production and create music online.

Charanga YuStudio has three key elements, which are also available to schools:

  • YuStudio: Charanga’s beginner-friendly music creation software and browser-based digital audio workstation (DAW);
  • VIP Studio Sessions: the upgraded version of Charanga’s award-winning programme exploring contemporary genres, music technology and production;
  • Yumu: a secure, online space through which young people access YuStudio, personalised projects or resources, and save and share the music they’ve created using the DAW.

Youth Music teamed up with Charanga during the COVID-19 pandemic to offer its funded partners free access to the VIP music-making programme. Since then, over 1,000 young people and 300 music leaders from more than 50 Youth Music-funded projects have used the resource. The release of the Charanga YuStudio suite is an extension of the transformative partnership.

Youth Music-funded projects with a current grant can visit this webpage to register for their free Charanga YuStudio licence.