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X2O Media Partners with FutureDJs to Deliver Immersive Remote Learning Experiences

7th April 2020

X2O Media today announced a global partnership with pioneering music education company FutureDJs to deliver an immersive remote learning experience. X2O Media, part of the STRATACACHE family of marketing technology companies, and FutureDJs will make world class music education widely accessible globally, all powered by X2O Media’s virtual classroom technology.

FutureDJs are providing a dynamic way to support teaching music, making music education globally accessible with their Virtuoso classroom, built on top of the core X2O Virtual Classroom, a next generation immersive remote learning solution. Partnering with X2O Media for the technology to bring advanced remote learning experiences, FutureDJs have now found a dynamic way to bridge the knowledge gap, support the teaching of music and reshape music education across the world.

The X2O Virtual Classroom offers an unparalleled experience similar to that of in-classroom participants. The scalable solution enables up to 120 remote participants to appear at one time on avatar displays with directional audio and dedicated cameras. FutureDJs’ students will be able to learn from world class teachers and professional DJs either face-to-face or remotely, making learning accessible to everyone, wherever they are in the world.

“With DJ decks, MC’ing and electronic music all now recognized as part of the National Curriculum in the United Kingdom, we have been preparing to launch our Virtuoso classroom to reimagine the classroom of the future, and that future is now. Our industry has been turned upside down. Artists, DJs, musicians and visiting music teachers globally are suddenly without work and questioning the future,” Austen Smart, CEO of FutureDJs said. “We stand by our school tutors even when schools close, because we believe there is a bright future for music education. Through our partnership with X2O Media, music educators can share their expertise to a broader audience, and students will be able to access the very best talent where conventional educational resources are clearly limited.”

From working with a community of tutors in schools around the country, to having the flexibility and scale of the X2O Virtual Classroom, FutureDJs will deliver a dynamic learning experience which enables opportunities for world class musicians, DJs and teachers to teach and to engage with fans and students in a whole new, immersive way.

“The FutureDJs project is a brilliant and well deserving use of our technology. While we are incredibly lucky to be deploying transformative distance learning environments across the world, bringing these world class teaching experiences to children makes us very proud,” Robert Brinklow, X2O Media’s EMEA Sales Director said. “We have a number of exciting global projects and activities planned together over the next two years, including building the flagship studio in Manchester, UK, followed by another three Digital Learning Studios over the next two years. We are working to ensure the X2O Media solution offers as close to an in-classroom experience as possible.”