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Why is marketing your music service important?

8th May 2024

Music Hubs and Services are currently faced with a variety of challenges and pressures, and it can be easy to overlook the importance of marketing. However, marketing has an important role to play in supporting your service through some of these challenges and creating a successful organisation. 


Effective marketing contributes to your overall business objectives 

There are endless possibilities for how effective marketing can help your organisation to achieve its aims and objectives. Whether these are short-term or long-term aims, your organisation’s marketing strategy has an important part to play in reaching those goals. 

For example, if you’re trying to increase your financial revenue, you may be looking to acquire new students or sell tickets for an event. An effective marketing strategy can help you spread the word about the services you offer or tell people when an event is taking place and why they should come along. By successfully promoting products or services that you’re offering to a wider audience, your marketing strategy can have a direct and positive impact on your financial objectives.  


Consistent = Effective 

There’s more to marketing than just sharing services or events that you want people to engage with. If you aren’t consistent with your marketing strategy, people are less likely to engage with your content and take the actions you’re asking them to do. Sharing varied content across multiple channels provides you with an opportunity to grow your audience and raise awareness of your organisation. Then, when you want people to do something (such as booking a ticket for an event or applying for a job you’re advertising) you already have an audience that’s willing to engage with your organisation.  

Marketing also allows you to build relationships with your audience and make your brand more reliable. Studies suggest that acquiring a new customer can cost between five and seven times more than retaining an old one (Forbes), so it’s important to increase customer loyalty and improve retention rates. 


Celebrate your successes! 

In today’s landscape, where the value of music education is often contested and diminished, your marketing channels provide you with a platform to share the amazing work you’re doing and the positive impact your organisation has on young people.  


How can I improve our marketing techniques? 

A burgundy circle in the centre with a hand holding a yellow outline of a mobile phone with social media icons surrounding it. Burgundy and grey text above and below the circle reads 'Want to boost the online presence of your Music Service? Join Marketing Fundamentals to find an achievable, efficient strategy that works for you!'If you’re interested in enhancing your music service’s marketing impact, our Marketing Fundamentals course is designed to guide those working in Music Hubs and Services through the fundamental principles of marketing. The course will consist of six interactive online sessions and peer support to guide you through some of the following topics: 

  • Writing a marketing strategy 
  • Capturing data and evaluating your marketing activity 
  • Managing your social media presence 
  • Optimising your website for maximum search engine visibility 
  • Crafting engaging emails 

And more! 


Marketing Fundamentals will run from 12th June – 17th July from 10.30am – 12pm. Click here to find out more about the course and book your place!