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What to expect from the Industry x Education Interface

19th February 2024

White brick wall background with the text reading '07 Mar, Industry Education Interface, Conway Hall London' in Grey and orange. The Music industries association and Music Mark logos are in the bottom right corner with an X in between.

We have partnered with the Music Industries Association to host a new and exciting networking event for Music Mark members on the 7th March in London. We caught up with Anthony Short, Executive Director of the MIA to discuss what to expect on the day and why it could be central to help support Music Hubs in the coming months.


What is the Industry x Education Interface?

In a nutshell, the Industry x Education Interface is an opportunity for the music instrument industry to connect with those who deliver music education provision at a community level. We have brought together a cross-section of manufacturers, distributors, and resellers who represent the broadest range of products and technologies, including many of the biggest names in the sector.


What prompted the MIA to develop the concept for this event?

To be honest it’s a few things that have coalesced over the last year. We have been working with Arts Council England on the scope and implementation of the Capital Investment Program for musical instruments that is due to roll out in September, and we determined that if the money was to be utilised effectively, we needed to offer information and knowledge to support good decision-making.

At the same time, we recognised that the National Plan for Music Education (NPME) was implicitly calling out instrument categories and stakeholder groups that hadn’t been well served in the past. We set out to talk with our members about the importance of focusing on the opportunity and reach that product groups such as music technology could have.

Finally, we realised that whilst some brands are deeply embedded in the education delivery space, far more were disconnected with no way of disseminating product information or case studies.


What can attendees expect on the day?

First and foremost, this event is about first contact, meeting new people, and establishing relationships that will (hopefully) prove invaluable in the months and years ahead.

We have been running pre-event sessions with exhibitors to talk through the NPME and the upcoming changes to the Music Hub model. We have also challenged them to come prepared to focus on how they can be good partners to help deliver creative and innovative outcomes for students.

Our sector creates a lot of content designed to support the musical journeys of end users, much of which can be repurposed to help develop lesson plans and new ways of introducing products and genres. There is a huge opportunity for collaboration and content repurposing.


But isn’t this just an excuse to sell some instruments?

The primary focus of this event is to allow you to form connections and relationships with those in the industry who design products specifically to make your work easier and aid the delivery of the National Plan for Music Education.

Of course, one of the objectives in the long term is to secure orders for the sector – but we aren’t anywhere close to that yet. There is a long way to go before shopping lists are written and PO’s are raised. This event will give you the knowledge to make informed decisions on instrumentation that is fit for purpose, sustainable, and delivers against the objectives of the National Plan. The Music Instrument sector wants to support this kind of outcome, and the best way to do that is to be in partnership with those tasked with that delivery.


Interested in attending the Industry x Education Interface? You can find out more details and book your ticket here. Please note that whilst this is a drop-in style event, booking your ticket in advance is necessary to secure your spot!