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What does leadership mean to you?

6th September 2018

Rosie Saxton, our Membership and Events Administrator, took part in the Music Mark Leadership Development Programme earlier this year. But what did she think of it?


What motivated you to take part in a leadership development programme?

A desire to improve myself and continually develop in my career. This was my first foray into any leadership training and I am definitely keen to learn more.

Why do you think it is important for members of staff to take part in programmes such as these?

The taster session I attended made me think of things I hadn’t even considered in relation to leadership. These kinds of courses open your eyes and make you think about how you can improve the way you work which I think is vital!

How did you find the taster session back in July?

Really interesting! It made me reflect on what it means to be a good leader and the questions a good leader should be continually asking themselves, about long-term planning and strategy.

Could you share with us one of the key messages you picked up from the sessions?

Always communicate to the team the reason why decisions are made so that team members are able to understand the decisions.

Of the all the upcoming LDP sessions taking place this year, which are you most tempted by and why?

Develop Self as I feel this is the first step to being a successful leader and this is the stage I am currently at. How can you successfully manage other people if you don’t have an understanding of what this takes or a clear set of leadership goals for yourself?

Finally, what does leadership mean to you?

Leadership to me is providing an organisation with somebody they can rely on to not only support and nurture staff but also to develop and improve the running and remit of the organisation.


The 5 Dimensions of Leadership is a leadership development programme led by Andy Hind, from Enhancing Learning, run by Music Mark and supported by Arts Council England. The programme consists of 5 specifically designed sessions, each developing an inquiry-approach into leadership and professional learning. Attend a session at any time or sign up to all five at a discounted rate. FIND OUT MORE