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UCAS report finds that conservatoire application process benefits the privileged

16th June 2015

A report into the success rates of applicants to the UK’s Conservatoires finds persisting levels of inequality, with those from wealthier backgrounds being significantly more likely to be accepted than others. 18 and 19 year olds accepted to study music, drama and dance courses through the UCAS Conservatoire application scheme are over six times more likely to come from privileged than from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The UCAS Conservatoire scheme, which provides an application service for eight performance-based music, dance, drama, screen and production courses at conservatoires in the UK, was set up to offer specialist information, advice and guidance to prospective students interested in practical disciplines, such as instrumental or vocal performance. The report also finds that the scheme itself is at least five times more likely to be used by young applicants from advantaged backgrounds, with the least advantaged applicants relying solely upon the sister UCAS scheme used to process applications to all other universities in the UK.