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Trinity College London announce the launch of their biggest ever Piano syllabus

6th August 2020

Trinity College London has announced the launch of its Piano Syllabus 2021-2023 on
4 August 2020. With more repertoire than ever before and featuring brand new pieces from
winners of our Young Composer’s Competition, this marks a major development in their
Piano provision.

Extensive repertoire
Candidates can choose from their largest syllabus list to date, which includes 35 pieces per grade, a
range of international composers and a selection of popular pieces from the 2018-2020 syllabus.

Re-imagined books

There are now a minimum of 12 pieces available in each grade book, with 21 pieces included in the
Extended Edition – nine via an additional ebook. Both editions include detailed performance notes
while the Extended Edition also includes scales, arpeggios and downloadable audio.

Young Composer’s Competition

Aspiring composers can take inspiration from the inclusion of one new piece per grade written by
the winners of our Young Composer’s Competition.

Flexible syllabus
Candidates can personalise their exam – with the option of performing their own, original
composition, a duet at grades Initial to 3 and their own choice of supporting tests.

Online support
A range of free, online support resources, produced with professional musicians and educators, help
develop performance skills and musical knowledge.

Play It Forward
Trinity is proud to be featuring the compositions of nine young international composers, one at each
grade, throughout the syllabus. To celebrate these remarkable new pieces, Trinity will be inviting
pianists to download a free book of three of these compositions and sharing videos of performances
from all over the world under the hashtag #TrinityPlayItForward.

More information can be found at

More information about the books and syllabus can be found at