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Research Shorts: Dominants or Diminished 7ths? Assessing Year 7 pupils’ prior knowledge

This week I’ve been chatting with Mark Phillips about his recent research supporting secondary schools delivering music education. His work has a…

11th Jun 2024

Research Shorts: Climate-conscious popular music education

This week, as our This Is Not A Rehearsal campaign continues, I’m excited to be talking to Dr. Linus Eusterbrock about his…

Research Shorts: Music Always Helps

This week, which has seen a lot of discussion on music education twitter about the uptake of GCSE music (I got involved,…

15th May 2024

Research Shorts: Piano Pedagogy and Building Resilience For Key Stage 1

This week I’ve been talking with Cara Whitmee, who has recently completed her Masters degree exploring how piano teachers think their Key…

30th Apr 2024

Research Shorts: Launching research on environmental sustainability in UK music education

This week, I’m exploring research from a slightly different perspective, the research project is live, and you still have chance to be…

Research Shorts: Musical Play with Rosie Rushton

This week I’m thrilled to be talking with researcher and practitioner Rosie Rushton, about her work and publications around ‘musical play’ for…

9th Apr 2024

Research Shorts: Resurrecting Song with Dr Wendy K. Moy

There was a time, not very long ago, when singing was at the forefront of debates about safety in classrooms and choirs…

25th Mar 2024

Research Roundup: Music at the centre of the curriculum

Over the next few months, I’ll be pulling together music education research in exploring the relationships between music and broader curriculum delivery….

6th Mar 2024

Research Shorts: Anita Holford’s commitment to music education research

In this week’s Research Shorts, I’m celebrating the work of Anita Holford, who has been running and sharing a library of music…

21st Feb 2024

Research Shorts: Bringing Informal Learning into Music Education

This very grey week in February has been brightened up by hearing about Dr Anna Mariguddi’s research in supporting student music teachers…

6th Feb 2024

Research Shorts: Making a safe learning environment for LGBTQ+ students

This week I’m delighted to meet Tony Rideout, a US based researcher who is completing his doctorate in Music Education as well…

29th Jan 2024

Research Roundups: Recent Music Education Research January 2024

The first round-up of the new year finds us on a snowy day for much of the UK, as the Music Mark…

17th Jan 2024