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Music Mark News

The latest developments in the music education sector

10 Things Schools Should Know About Music: #4 Music Encourages Creativity

“During creative learning pupils have control over their learning processes, and ownership of the knowledge produced, which is relevant to their concerns….

13th Jul 2020

Teaching music in schools

An interpretation of the DfE’s Guidance for Full Opening – Schools (2nd July 2020) The DfE’s Guidance can be found here. Music in…

10 Things Schools Should Know About Music: #3 Music is an Educational Building Block 

Bob Cuff, headteacher at Manor Lodge primary school in Sheffield, understands the importance of Music as the foundation of a good education….

6th Jul 2020

Official DfE Guidance and Music in Schools

‘We ask therefore that the government takes an active role in encouraging head teachers and schools, irrespective of their status, to maintain…

3rd Jul 2020

Music Mark’s Summer Summit 2020

Music Mark’s Annual Summer Summit this year was without a doubt different than usual. Focusing on the disruptions music services across the…

3rd Jul 2020

10 Things Schools Should Know About Music: #2 Music Improves Learning Skills

“Music needs to be part of the solution as schools reopen for more pupils. There is clear data here in Hull and elsewhere demonstrating that those who learn an…

29th Jun 2020

10 Things Schools Should Know About Music: #1 Music is for Life

As lockdown eases and more pupils return to the classroom, music will have a vital role to play. Schools are developing recovery…

22nd Jun 2020

Composition Competition to publish student work

A new composition competition, hosted by Durham University Brass Band and supported by Durham Music Shop and Steve Robson, is set to…

16th Jun 2020

Music Unlocked: Guidance for Schools and Music Providers as the lockdown eases.

“The vital role of music and the wider arts in supporting mental health, social engagement, and learning in children is well recognised…

3rd Jun 2020

Creating the Ensemble experience remotely: Lincolnshire’s “We’re Still Standing” project

One of the major challenges for those of us working in Music Education is recreating the youth group ensemble experience, a frustration…

22nd May 2020

Ensemble Rehearsals and Performances After Lockdown

Coronavirus (COVID-19) raises specific concerns for orchestras and choirs who rehearse together in close proximity, with many questions being asked about what’s…

22nd May 2020

Call for Further Content for Music Mark Conference 2020

Following a brilliant response to our call for content for the Music Mark Conference earlier in the year, we are now calling…

6th May 2020