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Music Mark News

The latest developments in the music education sector

Nick Gibb Speech: Assessment after levels

Nick Gibb outlines the support given to schools as they move away from level descriptors. Reform is an important think tank because…

26th Feb 2015

Radical curriculum overhaul proposed in Wales

A radical change to how and what children in Wales are taught is under consideration 26 years after the national curriculum was…

26th Feb 2015

Simon Rattle, music education and a new concert hall for London

Charlotte Higgins is right to highlight the fact that building a new concert hall in London is shortsighted unless the issue of…

26th Feb 2015

Gareth Malone OBE Becomes Ambassador For ‘Music for All’

Music for All, charity of the UK musical instrument industry, is proud to announce Gareth Malone OBE has become one of their…

25th Feb 2015

Labour promises more arts in school

Labour would use Ofsted inspections to put a greater emphasis on art in schools in England, says the party’s leader Ed Miliband….

24th Feb 2015

Colston Hall refurbishment one step closer after £5million Government funding annouced

The Colston Hall took a step closer to a major refurbishment as the Government announced £5 million of new funding. One of the city’s…

20th Feb 2015

Expo Fanfare Composition Competition winners announced

Delegates attending this year’s Music Expo will be treated to a performance of two specially commissioned fanfares. The performances will take place…

20th Feb 2015

Why music training in earlier life is great news for employers

Since the dawn of humankind, people have both knowingly and unknowingly shared a common frustration that when left unresolved leaves many in…

20th Feb 2015

UK Music Puts Forth Five-Point Policy Manifesto Ahead of Elections

With a general election set to take place in the United Kingdom May 7, umbrella trade body UK Music has issued an…

20th Feb 2015

Ed Sheeran launches a new guitar for children’s charity

Ed Sheeran and Martin & Co. are teaming up for the second time to create the Ed Sheeran X Signature guitar. The…

19th Feb 2015

Dench, Moss and Vegas back campaign to get UK creative

A campaign to challenge people to get creative has been launched, backed by stars including Dame Judi Dench and Johnny Vegas. Get…

19th Feb 2015

How learning music is instrumental in children’s brain development

The brain is the final frontier of the body. Scientists are performing some exciting research regarding how our brains develop, especially when…

18th Feb 2015