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The latest developments in the music education sector

Blog: Paul Pacifico: Reaching For The Stars – Do We Really Think Music Is Worth It?

There are two children sitting next to each other at a school desk. They are both 8 years old. They are asked…

20th May 2015

Inspectors highlight Welsh primary schools’ strengths in the creative arts

Estyn has highlighted a number of primary schools across Wales that are leading the way in the creative arts and whose approaches…

20th May 2015

Investigation into how musicians find creative inspiration at Cambridge

An investigation into how musicians find creative inspiration has identified four key ingredients needed for creative expression. It also shows that musicians…

20th May 2015

BBC Ten Pieces announce details of new Secondary phase

Building on the success of BBC Music’s Ten Pieces for Primary, which has already engaged more than half of UK primary schools,…

20th May 2015

Live music sector improves access

There has been significant growth in the number of tickets sold to Deaf and disabled people with specific access needs at music…

19th May 2015

David Lister – “Benedetti is right to say children should have classical music forced on them”

You will eat your greens, tidy your room, and listen to Beethoven’s violin concerto. Should listening to classical music be something that…

19th May 2015

Ofqual give the go ahead to AS and A Level Music Technology

Following a review, Ofqual have decided that they are sufficiently confident that content can be developed to meet their requirements in AS and…

15th May 2015

Beatles songs & DJ scratching to be part of AQA Music GCSE

Teenagers are to be taught about the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album for the first time as part of a refreshed…

13th May 2015

LMN North West & North East looking for emerging musicians

LMN North West and LMN North East are looking for new musicians (soloists and bands) in Acoustic, Rock & Pop, Classical, Jazz,…

13th May 2015

No big changes in DfE’s ministerial line-up as Nick Gibb is retained

Most teachers know the pattern by now: another election, another government, another new set of ministers, another round of new education initiatives…

13th May 2015

“Teach your children music with a touch of pianissimo” – Can heavy handedness turn them off?

By Melanie Spanswick As any parent knows, it’s difficult to force a child to do anything. Eating sprouts. Doing homework. Keeping your…

13th May 2015

Seven things that a Conservative government will mean for schools

As the Conservatives look set to win a slim majority in the House of Commons today, we consider what their victory will…

11th May 2015