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Raising awareness around the importance of music education

How music helps your child’s brain grow

Kinderling Radio in Australia spoke to Anita Collins, Professor in Neuroscience and Child Education at the University of Canberra, recently, about how…

20th Nov 2015

‘We ignore the arts at our peril’ – Alun Jones on the provision of arts in state schools

A leading independent school headteacher is set to criticise provision of the arts in state schools, claiming they have been “all but squeezed out”…

20th Nov 2015

The Benefits of the Ukulele on Kids’ Attitudes

Are you afraid you’re raising a little delinquent? Is your eight- or nine-year-old lacking in sympathy for others, and unwilling to provide…

17th Nov 2015

Is music good for your child’s future?

We all know, instinctively, that music is good for us, and for our children. Who can deny the affect that music has…

17th Nov 2015

Nick Gibb: ‘Expose youngsters to classical music’

As a keen listener to Desert Island Discs, I am always impressed by the accuracy with which interviewees can pinpoint the moment…

9th Nov 2015

Research on link between music education and academic achievement

Researchers from the University of Kansas have confirmed what decades of anecdotal evidence and the evidence on this site and elsewhere suggests:…

9th Nov 2015

Darren Henley: ‘Any cut in funding worries me’

“I thought you might ask that!” Arts Council England’s chief executive is waving a piece of paper at me, sheepish yet triumphant….

9th Nov 2015

Ebacc for All. Shackles on or off? – Tom Sherrington

This week, School’s Minister, Nick Gibb, gave this speech setting out the social justice case for an academic curriculum – aka making the Ebacc…

6th Nov 2015

British music industry boosts economy by £4.1bn

Artists like Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran and Paloma Faith helped the British music industry contribute £4.1bn to the UK economy in 2014….

5th Nov 2015

Philip Pullman decries ‘terrible state’ of children’s education in the arts

Children’s education in the arts is in a “terrible state” thanks to an obsession with exams and league tables, the award-winning novelist…

2nd Nov 2015

Professor Lloyd Webber strikes right note on music education

A new concert hall for London costing half a billion pounds? You can see why Julian Lloyd Webber, the cellist and principal…

2nd Nov 2015

Bob and Roberta Smith: Why does art in school matter?

A new exhibition of Bob and Roberta’s work has opened at the William Morris Gallery in London, based around his rallying slogans:…

20th Oct 2015