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Raising awareness around the importance of music education

Arts Education Matters: We Know, We Measured It

Though the arts receive relatively little attention from policymakers and school leaders, exposing young people to art and culture can have a…

9th Dec 2014

James Rhodes Interview with MIPro on how retailers can help the education sector

Classical pianist and host of Channel 4’s TV hit ‘Don’t Stop the Music’, James Rhodes, sits down with Daniel Gumble to discuss his ongoing…

3rd Dec 2014

Did James Rhodes save music education?

Television campaigns are a great way of launching arts projects, but what happens when the cameras stop rolling? Charlotte Gardner investigates the…

2nd Dec 2014

How music education influenced Google CEO Larry Page

The importance of timing in music has come to define the Google CEO’s approach to his company’s products. Steve Jobs, the late…

26th Nov 2014

“Music lessons promise life lived in song” – The benefits of studying music

With timid strokes, Alix Hilburn, 9, filled a mostly empty classroom with the familiar strains of “Go, Tell Aunt Rhody” on her…

26th Nov 2014

Children have been let down over music, say leading musicians

The Government has broken its promise to give every child in Britain the opportunity to learn a musical instrument, according to leading…

26th Nov 2014

The Global Search for Education: More Arts Please – Ken Robinson

“To lose our culture is to lose our memory.” More Leonardo da Vincis, more Martha Grahams, more Ludwig Van Beethovens, more Luciano…

18th Nov 2014

ABO films show the arts as ‘national treasures’

Two short films celebrating the role of the arts in everyday life are aiming to raise public awareness of the arts and…

12th Nov 2014

Musical stars on why it’s so important for schools to have instruments and teach youngsters to play

I’ve said it before, but it is true: picking up a guitar saved my life and to this day gives me joy…

17th Oct 2014

20 Important Benefits of Music In Our Schools

Nearly everyone enjoys music, whether by listening to it, singing, or playing an instrument. But despite this almost universal interest, many schools…

30th Sep 2014

British music industry added £3.8bn to the UK economy in 2013

According to trade report, the strength of songwriting revenue and tours have seen the sector grow by 9%. The British music industry…

17th Sep 2014

Music Education Could Help Close The Achievement Gap Between Poor And Affluent Students

Closing the achievement gap between low-income and affluent students could be as simple as do-re-mi. In a study out Tuesday from Northwestern University,…

17th Sep 2014