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Benefits of Music Education

“I feel like music training lead to the high-speed legacy of Google for me.”- Larry Page, CEO

Apple clearly took the lead over competing internet giants when it came to selling digital downloads and mp3 players, but that doesn’t…

23rd Apr 2015

Learning music gives you biological advantages

A study by Dr Nina Krauss and Dana L Strait at Northwestern University concludes that musician children and adults who make music…

22nd Apr 2015

Brain imaging shows enhanced executive brain function in people with music training

Another study has revealed a biological link between early music training and improved executive functioning in children and adults. The controlled study…

20th Apr 2015

Music training develops mechanisms needed for focused attention

Attention is a critically important aspect of education. Learners are constantly bombarded by a barrage of sounds and distractions, even in a…

20th Apr 2015

Music education benefits brain development

Read more on Anita Collins website

23rd Mar 2015

Five ways music makes you healthier!

Neuroscientists have discovered that listening to music heightens positive emotion through the reward centers of our brain, stimulating hits of dopamine that…

18th Mar 2015

Bringing Back What Works in Education

March is Music in Our Schools Month, and the need for music education in schools couldn’t be greater. Many people assume music…

17th Mar 2015

New Arts Council research study shows positive effects on happiness & relaxation whilst taking part in the arts

The impact of arts and culture on wellbeing is an area of increasing importance to us, the arts and culture sector and…

5th Mar 2015

Perfect harmony: how singing in a choir can make us more ‘moral’

Children who sing in a choir, play in an orchestra or take to the stage are more likely to make good moral…

5th Mar 2015

Why music lessons were the best thing your parents ever did for you

by Tom Barnes • February 17, 2015 If your parents ever submitted you to regular music lessons as a kid, you probably…

4th Mar 2015

Music Makes You a Better Reader, Says Neuroscience

It’s known as the “musician’s advantage.” For decades, educators, scientists, and researchers have observed that students who pick up musical instruments tend…

3rd Mar 2015

Ignoring the arts won’t prepare pupils for employment

A leading headmaster will warn that “questionable” reforms to GCSEs may not be developing the qualities valued by employers. Michael Windsor, headmaster…

2nd Mar 2015