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Sound and Music’s national educators’ survey closes February 15th

1st February 2019

A message from Sound and Music:

“Sound and Music’s national educators’ survey is building a national picture of the place of composing and creative music-making within music education.  As the survey closing date approaches we are reaching out to all Music Education Hubs to help us get the word out.

We have already heard from hundreds of composers, teachers and organisations who are helping us gain insight into the provision of opportunities for children and young people to compose and create their own music, whether at school, in informal settings or through other means.  So far, a resounding 92% of respondents agreed that composing and creating music should be a core part of music education and 89% have said they thought children and young people need more opportunities to create and compose music.

To date, the number of respondents who are managing music education hubs and schools are under-represented in the survey, so we are particularly keen to hear from these people – although we are still welcoming responses from anyone involved in music education.

But time is limited – the survey will close on Friday 15th February!

Take the survey here: and please share the link!”