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Sing Up Calls for Music Education Hubs to Join Inclusion Projects

12th June 2023

Sing Up invites expressions of interest from Music Education Hubs to collaborate on initiatives promoting diversity, representation, and equity in access to music education.

Sing Up is seeking expressions of interest from Music Education Hubs to participate in a series of inclusion projects. The aim of these projects is to address where exclusion exists, with a focus on issues relating diversity, representation, and equity in terms of access and need.

Singing is inclusive in that it is a way of learning and expressing oneself that can benefit everyone, regardless of their background or abilities. Sing Up have a long history of working to ensure genuine inclusion, dating back to its government-funded Beyond the Mainstream projects. To expand reach and impact, Sing Up want to work with Hubs to address specific inclusion challenges by understanding the barriers and finding creative solutions.

The projects will centre around different aspects of inclusion and target specific challenges faced by the Music Education Hubs. Some examples of areas of focus include mental well-being and anxiety, ethnicity and racial background, English as an additional language, neurodiversity, and LGBTQIA+. By engaging in these projects, Music Education Hubs will contribute to creating an inclusive and enriching musical experience for all.

The intention is for Sing Up to create joint funding bids with Hubs to support this work. Additionally, Sing Up will give staff time, expertise and resource as in-kind support, across both Sing Up (the company) and the charity Sing Up Foundation.

Interested Hub organisations should respond to the call for expressions of interest by the deadline of Friday 21st July 2023 via this form. For further information please contact

Sing Up is an organisation dedicated to enhancing children’s development and learning in schools through the power of singing. Find out more about Sing Up here.