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Research Roundups: November 2023

28th November 2023

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Welcome to the November Research Roundup. There’s lots to cover across all different kinds of music education, from teaching the saxophone, music for healing, and music technology.

Journal Articles

Does applause impact assessment of music performance? Find out more here in this open access article. New work on positioning an Afro-futurist music education.  Whole class music tuition and student agency, with a case study in Finland. Further work on instrument pedagogy, here the use of body mapping in piano tuition, and here on young violinists skill development.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on music teacher mothers is covered here in this paywalled article, though the abstract tells us ”Participants’ stories illuminated the relational, vocational, financial, and health-related struggles brought about by the nexus of teaching music during the pandemic.’ Also responding to Covid – looking at online guitar lessons in Turkey.

As usual some interesting HE focused pedagogy work, ‘The importance of developing creative thinking in the preparation of music education professionals in universities‘ with a study at Soochow University in China.

New Books

Back in August we featured a report from Pete Dale and Pamela Bernard’s CUMIN project, and in December their book based on that project is coming out, Music for Inclusion and Healing in Schools and Beyond (Oxford University Press, 2023). Also just out, a new book on Playing and Teaching the Saxophone (Oxford University Press, 2023). And, an edited collection on Scottish pop music is out: Made in Scotland which explores the relationship between place and music making. New edited collection on Music in the Lives of Young Children (Routledge, 2023) which focuses on ‘the main research trends of musical engagement with early children, such as music in the family, employing music in child care, and musical skill and development’.

Other bits

Daniel Walzer’s Leadership in Music Technology Education (Routledge, 2023) ‘examines the pedagogical, sociocultural, and philosophical issues that affect curriculum, research, and decision-making in music technology in higher education’ but would also be useful for secondary education.

Neta Spiro is lead author on a multiple co-authored piece introducing the Musical Care network, a piece which argues ‘There is a pressing need for exchange of knowledge across different disciplinary, geographic, and cultural boundaries.’

Our next Research Roundup will be in January, so do please get in touch with articles or pieces you’d like us to share with the Music Mark community.

Collated by Dr Sarah Whitfield – Research Lead for Music Mark

Photo by Łukasz Łada on Unsplash

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