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Report: Developing Great Teaching – Teaching Development Trust

3rd September 2015

In September 2014 the Teacher Development Trust, with kind support from TES Global, commissioned a review of the international research into what constitutes effective professional development for teachers. The review was conducted by an expert team of Professors Steve Higgins and Rob Coe of Durham University, Philippa Cordingley of CUREE and Professor Toby Greany of the UCL Institute of Education.

On June 9th 2015, TDT were proud to launch the review’s emerging findings: “Developing Great Teaching: Lessons from the international reviews into effective professional development”.

This important review of reviews provides a rigorous update and overview of the lessons that can be taken from the international reviews into effective professional development.

The key finding of the review was that professional development opportunities that are carefully designed and have a strong focus on pupil outcomes have a significant impact on student achievement.

The review has also been able to add crucial nuance and detail to the components that constitute this “careful design”, including the duration, structure, content and activities associated with effective professional development. The review’s findings also give detail around the role of external facilitators, and some insight into the importance of leadership around professional development.

We strongly encourage practitioners, school leaders, providers of professional development, policy makers, and all those with a role in providing high quality support and development for teachers, to engage with the review’s findings.

In the coming months and years, the Teacher Development Trust will be proactively working with partners and all stakeholder groups to develop our shared understanding of the review, and embed its recommendations across all related areas of practice.

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