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Pianos in Libraries…..shhhh..surely not!

4th February 2020

Libraries are increasingly working to position themselves as creative hubs for local communities. One of the most innovative ways libraries are now achieving this is by offering the joy of silent piano practice on a high quality digital piano.

This has been met with great enthusiasm by both Music Services and Library Services. Following a recent, successful trial at Romford Library (supported by Havering Music School), the idea is now drawing considerable attention.

The trial centred on the introduction of a Casio Celviano Grand Hybrid piano into the library, and with its full length wooden grand piano key action (designed in collaboration with the esteemed C. Bechstein) was able to provide a place to practice for everyone from the most discerning advanced pianist to a beginner wishing to give it a try.

“Make Music Day was a big success and everyone really enjoyed the piano music being played in the library! The piano is such a great addition to our service”.  Amy Young, Manager, Romford Library – supported by Havering Music School.

It’s a great way to extend access within the local community and to support those that can’t afford, or simply don’t have space for a decent piano to practice on. It gives students of all ages the chance to use a piano during library hours and to play in silence without disturbing others. It can also inspire students to get together and perform in Make Music Days and similar events. At the same time, it also gives libraries the opportunity to broaden their appeal and increase their footfall.

Another endorsement for pianos in libraries comes from Portsmouth Music Hub:

“Love the piano!! We are enjoying the quality and range of sounds provided by the Casio – it is an excellent instrument that is being played by a wide ranging number of students, staff and Partners across the Hub.” – Sue Beckett Head of Service, Portsmouth

Casio Music UK in partnership with Educating Music are offering reduced rate Grand-Hybrid pianos as part of this initiative. You can find more information here.