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Petition launched by music students to stop Kirklees Council cut to Kirklees Music School

13th February 2015

The council may scrap a £299,000 grant, which enables free tuition and subsidised rates for those most in need

A petition has been launched to stop cuts to Kirklees Music School.

Student Daniel Taylor is behind the campaign, which he hopes will urge councillors to rethink potential plans to cut £299,000 funding to the service, which has seven centres across the area.

If the cuts go through, it is feared it could endanger the continuation of free lessons for looked-after children and subsidised rates for those from low income households and could force some of the centres to close.

Daniel, who plays in an ensemble at the Colne Valley centre every Friday at Colne Valley High School, said: “Kirklees music centres are providing an amazing opportunity for musicians and have been for a number of years.

“By cutting the budget Kirklees council are depriving a musical community of vital skills which will aid their playing.

“This music centre has a long history and has become a prominent part in my life, and all those who participate.

“The people I have met through this centre are extremely talented and have impacted on me more than I wish to say. It resembles a second family to me, I couldn’t imagine my life without them.”

So far, over 1,318 people from across the world, including one from Vancouver, have signed his petition on the website Change, including many former pupils.

Read more on the Huddersfield Daily Examiner website


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