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No school “outstanding” without the arts – Kevin Brennan MP

15th September 2014

Creativity is the central quality that makes us human. Since humans painted striking images of the animals they hunted on the walls of caves, people have felt the irresistible urge to create art. Indeed even before that, early humans were likely making music, telling stories and acting out dramas about their lives; but these creations are lost to time.

As a young boy growing up in South Wales music was a passion for me, and it still is. When my sister was given a guitar for Christmas I learned to play it and over the years it has given me immense pleasure, although I cannot speak for others!  At the end of a busy week in parliament nothing is more therapeutic than sitting down and picking out a few chords on my beloved Martin acoustic. I believe strongly that having a creative part to your life helps to reduce stress and makes you better at your job, whatever that is.

Sadly music teaching at my school (unlike many of the other subjects) did not inspire. It did little to encourage self-expression and personal creativity. It was nothing like some of the imaginative and brilliant music teaching I have seen in visits as Labour’s Shadow Schools Minister, and which the last Labour government did so much to encourage through its music manifesto.

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