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Musical stars on why it’s so important for schools to have instruments and teach youngsters to play

17th October 2014

I’ve said it before, but it is true: picking up a guitar saved my life and to this day gives me joy every time I pick it up. The opportunity to learn and play music is some­ thing every child should experience as a right. Sting


In Year 4 I was given a violin and had lessons. I loved playing although I was never that good – it didn’t come as naturally as piano. But my brother and sister excelled and they play cello and violin in my band. I’m banned from playing strings if they’re around! Laura Mvula


My brother had a Brunswick guitar and I played that alot but a man who let me do gigs at his pub bought me my first guitar when I was 13. Before that it was only ever playing piano in the school music hall. John Newman