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Music Mark: Our Vision and Mission 2020

14th February 2020


 ‘I would teach children music, physics and philosophy, but most importantly music’ – Plato

Music Mark believes that over 2,000 years later Plato is still right, but we would go one step further. Our refreshed Vision not only stresses that every child should have access to music education, but that it should be the best it can be.

Accessible and excellent musical learning and engagement in and out of school, for all children and young people, which inspires and enriches their lives

In our vision we highlight the enormous potential benefit of extra-curricular musical activity for young people whilst acknowledging the value of music in schools. As HM Chief Inspector of Education Amanda Spielman said recently, “Schools need to think about what’s in a core music curriculum… there really are some important things that every child should experience, know and be able to do”.

We are also clear that this vision is for the whole of the UK, we have a close working relationship with hubs, music services, NYMOs and corporate music organisations in England and an ever-growing list of contacts we’re looking to connect with further in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Our vision is our guiding principle and ideal for music education in the future. Our mission defines what we do and our reason for existence, which we’ve defined as:

Supporting, connecting and influencing in pursuit of a high quality, equitable, diverse, inclusive music education for all children and young people

As a Membership organisation at the core of what we do is providing support to our membership. We help our members connect with each other and work to influence those who develop the policy and practice of music education on our memberships behalf.  We support with the delivery of a high-quality Music Education offer to all children and young people. Ensuring what is offered is diverse and champions inclusivity.

Our strategy for delivering our mission over the coming years to achieve our vision has been divided into 9 key areas:

  1. Membership
    Providing opportunities for professional debate, sharing good practice, innovation and CPD through communication and accessible local, regional and national events
  2. Equity Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)
    Embedding EDI as a ‘Golden-Thread’ in all our work, and supporting the membership to do likewise
  3. UK
    A strong and diverse network across the UK through membership and partnership with individuals and organisations, supporting quality of both provision and outcomes
  4. Schools
    A stronger relationship with schools through membership and as a Music Subject Association
  5. Professional Development
    An inclusive, needs driven, programme of training, resources and events for all those involved in children and young people’s music education in the UK
  6. Influencing & Informing Policy
    The voice for Music Education at a national level. Advising and influencing governments and NGOs across the UK. Representing the diversity of the sector on the international stage
  7. Governance & Management
    Clarity of accountability management, purpose and reporting of the work of Music Mark, including as a limited company and charity ensuring EDI is at the heart of its governance
  8. Financial Resilience
    Diversified income streams including capitalising on Music Mark’s charitable status to maintain the organisation’s role supporting the UK Music Education sector
  9. Music Education in England & Wales
    Support the ambition of the National Plans for Music Education in England and Wales by working in close partnership with the DfE, ACE, Welsh Government and WLGA.

In the coming weeks, months and years these aims will help us to focus our work and further support and connect our Membership, grow that Membership and be its voice to influence policy and practice in Music Education.  It’s early days, but already we have published a booklet to help our Membership argue the case for music to be at the heart of schools.  10 Things Every School Should Know About Music combines anecdotes from teachers and pupils alongside academic research celebrating the key impacts music can have including improving learning skills and boosting school attainment levels. The booklet is a resource that can be used by music teachers and curriculum coordinators to advocate for a well-resourced music curriculum.

We are grateful to all those who contributed to the creation of our vision, mission and strategic aims including Members through meetings, online fora and individual discussions.  We believe in the value and importance of Music Education for children and young people and look forward to developing and growing our work in supporting a robust, dynamic, connected and inspiring Music Education sector.