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Music Mark Annual Conference 2024: Call for Content

30th April 2024

A pale green, red and yellow soundwave is horizontal across the middle of the image made to look like a hilly landscape, with small icons of clouds, sun, trees and a windturbine. The Music Mark logo is above the soundwave. Below, text reads 'Sustainability Annual Conference 2024.'

The call for content for Music Mark’s 2024 conference is now open!

Music Mark’s 2024 conference is taking place on the 18th and 19th November at the East Midlands Conference Centre in Nottingham, with the theme of Sustainability in Music Education. This theme will tie in closely with our new campaign, This Is Not A Rehearsal, which aims to encourage action around the climate crisis and promote environmental sustainability in music education, but we are also keen to hear about your approaches to sustainability in all its interpretations.


Sustainability: The ability to be sustained, supported, upheld, or confirmed.

This definition of sustainability feels like a great place to start when framing the ways in which Music Education can be more sustainable. Whether we are referencing environmental sustainability, financial sustainability, sustainability of our workforces or the learners within the system, it is all about discussing the ways in which we are able to sustain, support or uphold.   

Music Mark’s 2024 conference theme is Sustainability in Music Education and as ever we want this title to be interpreted in all the ways it can be. We want to hear about your innovative approaches to protecting the environment in your work, how you are working to sustain and grow your workforce and your organisations, the creative ways in which you are considering social sustainability in your programming and practices, and as many different angles as you can consider, all highlighting the excellent work happening in our sector. 


Submit your proposal by 5th June

The deadline for submitting your proposal is 5pm on Wednesday 5th June 2024. You can submit your proposal using the form below, or if you would prefer to submit a video or audio application please email us at We understand that you may not have all the details or a full idea of your session yet. Don’t worry, we are flexible to changes and will work with successful applicants in the build up to the event.

Submit your proposal now!


Our 2024 Annual Conference will take place on 18 – 19 November at the East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham.