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“Music hubs are catering for disadvantaged children…” – Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth in Lords Debate yesterday

25th March 2015

Music Hubs were mentioned in a Lords Debate on a new Concert Hall for London yesterday.

Baroness Thornton, Labour

My Lords, I wonder whether the Minister might have sympathy with the view that has been expressed that there is not much point building a new, expensive concert hall in London if cuts mean that poor children cannot afford either music lessons or instruments. I would also like to ask the Minister whether the feasibility study will take into account the views of London’s many orchestras, including the several BBC orchestras, and not just the LSO.

Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth, Conservative

The noble Baroness is right to mention the importance of catering for disadvantaged children, which was raised by the noble Lord, Lord Aberdare, as well. The point is that the music hubs are catering for disadvantaged children. If noble Lords look at Manchester and Coventry, that is exactly what is happening. I absolutely agree that we need to ensure that that is the case.

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