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Music Education Hubs mentioned in DCMS Culture & Creativity paper

27th March 2015

The Department for Culture, Media and Sports have published a short paper, Culture & Creativity: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, which outlines some of the actions this Government has taken, and the things it has achieved in the culture and creativity sectors.

Music Education Hubs are mentioned on page 26 of the document as below:

“We have also changed the way in which music education is being supported. For example, the Government has moved away from a local authority-led approach, instead creating a network of Music Education Hubs where schools, local authorities and local arts organisations come together to share expertise for the benefit of children.

From 2012 to 2015, £171 million went to this network of 123 music education hubs and the Government recently announced that a further £75 million would be provided to hubs in 2015-16. The evidence shows that hubs are engaging with the majority of state-funded schools in their areas and providing opportunities for children to learn to play musical instruments and to take part in a variety of instrumental ensembles and choirs”