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Music Education Hubs are providing life changing opportunities

13th November 2023

Following the publication of a letter sent by the ISM to the (former) Schools Minister, Nick Gibb, Music Mark adds its voice to concerns about the source they quote as saying ‘75% of current Music Education Hubs are underperforming’.

The current network of Music Education Hub partnerships have significantly increased access to musical learning over the past 11 years. These opportunities have been life changing for pupils, schools and wider communities. At Music Mark we are deeply proud of what has been achieved by our membership, networks of local providers who make up the 114 Music Education Hubs across the country despite real-terms cuts to their funding and wider challenges such as COVID-19 and the cost of living crisis. 

Like the ISM we would argue that the published data collected through the Hub Annual Data Return provides ample evidence against the claim that that 75% of the Music Education Hub Partnerships are failing. We also note that the assertion contradicts what we know of Music Education Hub risk rating process and the wider feedback and support they receive from Arts Council England.

However, Music Mark would suggest that the Investment Programme is in its final phase and a pause in the process is only likely to bring more uncertainty and upheaval to the sector at a time when the focus needs to be on implementing the new plan across the existing Music Education Hubs, and ensuring the many delivery partners across each of them can continue to provide children and young people with life changing opportunities in musical learning.