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M:Tech – Elevating Musical Creativity During Activity Time

21st February 2024

Two children wearing headphones smiling at the camera. They are using a MIDI keyboard plugged into a computer with music tech software on the screen.

From time constraints, lack of training, to limited access to equipment, music technology can represent a daunting and difficult area of education to cover. M:Tech steps in with a dynamic and engaging solution. 


Inspiring Musical Exploration

M:Tech is an exhilarating after-school music technology and creative composition club tailored for Key Stage 2 children. Taking young creators on a musical journey, small groups explore the world of creativity through a series of exciting multimedia projects.

The course covers a different element of music composition each week, teaching children the building blocks of music theory note-by-note. Creators can then continue their journey at home, logging in to the ‘My MTech’ online sequencer. This acts as a sketchpad for creativity, allowing them to practice M:Tech in the same way as a traditional instrument. 


Supporting Music in Schools

In a climate that has seen school music budgets fall while expectation levels rise, few music teachers have the time or facilities to cover music technology in the way they would like. 

With over 70 professional composition teachers and a full admin support team, M:Tech ensures that schools can offer high-quality music technology provision without putting financial or administrative strain on their resources. 

By taking care of timetabling, billing parents directly, and providing schools with equipment at no cost, M:Tech leaves schools with one simple decision. Will this benefit our children?

Kelly Haines, Music Coordinator at St Mary’s and St Peter’s in Teddington, shares her experience: 

“There is always a buzz in the air when M:Tech comes to visit!

The children were so inspired to see a cartoon soundtrack being composed before their very eyes and to enjoy the satisfaction of seeing the final animation complete with music.

They were especially excited to know this is something they could learn to do for themselves.”


Encouraging Progress and Empowering Progress

When children are inspired by keyboard skills, they take piano lessons. Those who enjoy the school choir may well take singing lessons. M:Tech aims to ‘instrumentalise’ music-making and technology in exactly the same way, giving an outlet for those children who wish to pursue creativity further.

Through our tiered learning course, each child works their way through unique M:Tech levels, developing new skills term-by-term. With each piece of music they create, they earn a special M:Tech certificate to mark their progress. This empowers children to get creative, celebrating their hard work and encouraging them to explore their own musical ideas further.


Moving Forward

M:Tech is proud to teach over 3000 children each week, delivering the course at over 100 schools in London and the South East.

To read more about the M:Tech course and the way it inspires children, click here.

If your school is based in London or the South East and you would like to explore introducing M:Tech, please contact