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Music Mark, ISM and MTA send Letter to the Secretary of State for Education asking for Music Education Support

24th September 2020

Following conversations with many of its members, Music Mark has sent a letter in partnership with the Incorporated Society of Musicians and The Music Teachers Association to the English Secretary of State for Education, Gavin Williamson, asking for increased support for music education as he and his department consider their response to the Comprehensive Spending Review.

Music Education in England has seen significant support from the Department for Education over the years, but sadly support is not keeping pace with increasing pupil numbers and inflation.  To ensure equitable access for all children and young people to an inspiring, enriching and diverse music education, there needs to be both increase investment and for that investment to be sustained.

The letter was supported by over 20 leaders of music and education organisations.

A press release and the full letter can be found here.

For more information about the history of music education funding in England and in particular the challenge of a standstill grant for Music Education Hubs over the past five years, read a speech given by Music Mark’s CEO, Bridget Whyte, given at the All Party Parliamentary Group for Music Education in October 2019 here.

“If we are to truly ensure that there is equitable access to musical learning, the aspiration of the current National Plan for Music Education, then those providing the inspiring, enriching and diverse range of opportunities to learn, compose, make and enjoy music need to be given the financial support to do so.  This is about ensuring that every child can access and progress to the level they wish – whether that’s learning an instrument with a view to going into the music profession, writing songs as a way to express themselves or exploring their identity and the wider world through music.  We cannot lose this opportunity to ensure that all children and young people, regardless of circumstances, have the music education they want and deserve, and without significant investment now and into the future we might!” – Bridget Whyte, CEO of Music Mark