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ISM conducts three surveys on the state of music education today

21st August 2018

ISM has three surveys underway in relation to the state of music education in schools and needs your help to get as many responses as possible to have the most up to date picture of music education.

The ISM states: “We know from our members that music has virtually disappeared from our primary schools, so we are gathering first-hand experiences to take forward in our conversations with the Department for Education, Parliamentarians and government. The wonderful Kevin Rogers, formerly County General Inspector for Music at Hampshire Music Service and ISM Board Member, is leading the survey in connection with primary school music. This primary music survey closes on 30 September and is available at:

We are also aware that music in our secondary schools is disappearing because of the EBacc. So Dr Ally Daubney (Senior Teaching Fellow in Education) and Duncan Mackrill (Senior Lecturer in Music Education) from the University of Sussex who we have worked with for many years are leading a survey on secondary music. This closes on 12 September, and is available at:

The third survey looks more generally at the National Plan for Music Education. We want to gather views on what is going well and how future plans could benefit from any learnings. This survey closes on 30 September and is available at:

These surveys are critical and we need your help to gather responses from teachers and music educators to reflect the current state of music education as much as possible.”

If you would like further information on any of these surveys, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Deborah Annetts