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Introducing The Leadership Development Programme

18th April 2024

The Leadership Collective team photograph, inset into yellow background with the TLC cityscape graphic and font stating 'The Leadership Collective'

The Leadership Development Programme is a bespoke leadership programme delivered by The Leadership Collective. The programme is designed to help your team find the best ways of working together and to create empowered, inclusive, and thriving work cultures. 


Who is The Leadership Collective? 

The Leadership Collective is a team of professional coaches – Carmel Cardona, Susannah Tresilian, Dr. Ayesha Nathoo, and Caitlin Shannon. Together, they have a wide range of experience in coaching, training and leadership, as well as writing, theatre directing, radio producing, public engagement and academic research. The Collective will work together on your project, whilst leading workshops in pairs as well as individual coaching sessions.  


How can The Leadership Development Programme help? 

The Leadership Development Programme will provide you with a clearer sense of the strengths and strength gaps of your team as well as time and support to accelerate personal change and development. It will also help you gather new tools and frameworks to implement as you lead the organisation and plan how to disseminate your learnings from the programme to the wider organisation.  

This could involve discussions about how to create a positive culture of feedback within the organisation, the skill of empathetic listening to create trust and value within a team, structures to put in place as a leadership team during periods of change, or other key areas depending on the needs of your team.  

An attendee of the pilot programme, which ran with Music Mark last year, described the course as: 

“[The] right amount of commitment for a busy team, whilst allowing some good in-depth work”. 

The Leadership Collective will tailor the programme to your organisation by meeting with your key contact, such as the Head of Service, CEO, or the key person on the leadership team driving change. They will then discuss any successes and challenges faced by your organisation, find out how the leadership team currently works, and work out any specific areas you’d like to cover. Finally, The Leadership Collective will share a draft proposal for the workshops with you, allowing you to give feedback before the programme begins. The opportunity for involvement in the planning of the course was noted in feedback from a previous attendee: 

“Lots of opportunities for us to input into planning, which was reflected in delivery.” 

The programme includes two workshops, designed to be undertaken 2-3 months apart, one-to-one coaching sessions with your leadership team, as well as tools, frameworks and resources. 

If you’re managing your organisation during a time of change, want to discover more effective ways of working together at a time, want to implement a supportive work culture that will allow your employees to thrive, or are looking for practical, actionable tools and frameworks, The Leadership Development Programme is for you.  

The overall value of the programme is £5,000, but Music Mark has subsidised the course to make it as affordable as possible for you to take up the opportunity, meaning it will only cost you £1,800.

If you’re interested in the course, visit the event page to see the full details and register for the programme today!