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Incorporating Music Technology into your teaching

31st May 2024

Various pieces of accessible music technology on a table.

Join The UK Association for Music Education – Music Mark at the inaugural Digital Innovation in Music Education Virtual Conference, taking place online on Tuesday 25th June 2024. The conference is brought to you by the DIME (Digital Innovation in Music Education) Alliance and TiME (Technology in Music Education) UK to give you an opportunity to explore how you can bring music technology into your music education offer.

Technology undeniably plays a central part in our everyday lives, and this is even more so for younger generations. 25% of 5 – 7-year-olds own a smartphone, 76% use a tablet, and nearly half of children have used artificial intelligence technology, and they are twice as likely as adults to have done so (Ofcom). Research has shown that many music teachers are reluctant to use new technologies in the classroom – partially due to a lack of training among teachers, as well as fears of technology diminishing more traditional music education (University of York). However, the same research showed that schools and teachers that had incorporated music technology into their classrooms had a greater engagement and uptake at Key Stage 4 (University of York).

Music Mark’s own research, conducted last year in partnership with the DIME Alliance, also showed that teachers and practitioners felt their use of technology in music education was limited by financial restrictions, a lack of training, and a lack of or inadequate equipment. The Digital Innovation in Music Education virtual conference is designed to address those challenges, provide support, and showcase innovative work in this area.

This conference is for music teachers, practitioners and leaders, and includes a panel discussion, multiple breakout sessions and a keynote speaker. The dynamic conference programme will present a variety of ways you can incorporate music technology into your teaching, with sessions covering:

  • Using technology in A-Level teaching
  • How to build an accessible technology library
  • Strategies for gender-inclusive learning
  • Engaging with innovations in music tech
  • A sustainable and scalable WCIT (CIL) and Progression model for Music Technology

The programme also features a keynote titled ‘Beyond Novelty: A More Social and Reflective Take on Musical Interfaces and Music Technology’ from Dr Mat Dalgleish, Senior Lecturer in Game Audio and Technical Design (Staffordshire University). The keynote will explore problems associated with the new instruments community and music technology and the relentless striving for newness.

Dr Mat Dalgleish shared some insight with us into his keynote:

“Many areas of music technology are driven by an unending quest for novelty. I’m instead interested in slower, more thoughtful models of innovation that consider the possibilities of existing design solutions (that may have benefits in terms of cost, access, and sustainability) first, before starting the development of (potentially inferior) new designs.”

Whether you are at the beginning of your journey with music technology, or already incorporate it into your teaching, the conference will present the opportunity for direction, help and support at different levels.

Book your ticket now to join us online on Tuesday 25th June!