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Five Reasons to attend the upcoming Industry x Education Interface

11th May 2023

White brick background with text reading '25 May The Music Education Interface, Fazely Studios, Birmingham'. The Music Industries Association and Music Mark logos are in the bottom right corner.

Music Mark has partnered with the MIA to host an all-day event with the NPME at its heart, but what makes it so special?   

On May 25, Music Mark and the MIA (Music Industries Association) will be jointly hosting an Industry X Education Interface at Birmingham’s Fazeley Studios. This one-day event will bring together Music Services with brands from across the music industry and provide the opportunity to connect and discuss how to best support musical learning in children and young people.   

So, what makes the Industry x Education Interface so special, and why should you sign up? MIA Executive Director, Ant Short, has five reasons why you should join us in Birmingham on May 25. 

Representatives from brands across the music industry will attend to discuss how best to work with music services to support musical learning

Let’s start with the ‘why?’
There is no doubt there is a lot packed into the English and Welsh National Plans for Music Education, and one common theme across them both is the need for greater outreach and connection with the wider music industry. 

The MIA represents the interests of many of the manufacturers and distributors of musical instrument brands in the UK. They have been working with their members to help illustrate the role they can play in supporting music educators to achieve the outcomes outlined in the National Plans.  

The event was created as an opportunity for brands across the industry to come along and discuss the instruments, software and tech they have and how it can be employed with these aims in mind. 

A first time for everything
Simply put, this kind of event hasn’t been done before. Whilst there are many gatherings that attract a modest representation of instrument manufacturers or distributors, this is the first time an effort has been made to get a real cross-section of the Music Industry together with the sole purpose of engaging with you – music services, educators and providers from across the sector. 

The brief for the exhibitors is short and simple; to have an understanding of the National Plans for Music Education within the context of the products and technology they represent and be able to present ways in which their portfolio can form the basis of sessions that will inspire students on their musical journey. Whether this be whole class, group or individual, across the widest range of genres and leaving no one person behind. 

A ‘who’s who’ of the Music Industry sector
It’s an impressive list of brands that have put their hands up to get involved. Here they are from A-Z; 

Academy, ADAM Audio, AKG, Arturia, Audix, Avid, Bach, BBICO, Blackstar, BOSS, Casio, Charanga, Conn, D’Addario, Denis Wick, Digit Music Cmpsr, Ernie Ball, Evans and Promark, Focal, Focusrite, Genelec, Hal Leonard, Hercules, Hidersine, Iso Acoustics, JBL, Jupiter, KORG, Leblanc, Line 6, Ludwig, Marshall, Moog, MusicFirst, Novation, Ocarina Workshop, Octopus Ukulele, pBone, pBuzz, pTrumpet, Percussion Plus, Rockschool, Rode, Roland, Rotosound, RSL, Stentor, V-MODA, Valencia, Vox, Yamaha, YuStudio, Zoom & many more. See the full list of exhibiting brands here.

The event will be centred around conversation, collaboration, and discussion

Geared up for conversation
The whole day has been designed to allow as much time as possible for making contact and opening conversations. Each brand will have a designated space to allow them to bring product and branding examples to make it clear who they are and what they are focusing on. It will be easy to navigate a route around the exhibitors and there will be plenty of opportunities to stop, ask questions and make contact. You also will be provided with a complete list of contact details for every brand attending. 

Refreshments will be provided and there is a coffee shop on-site with plenty of space to re-group and ensure you get the most out of the day.

The take-aways
Whether you have an hour or a whole day to spend with us, the simple fact is that you will get something from the Industry x Education Interface. From the very beginning, the conversation has been centred around the National Plans and how partnerships can be formed to find creative and inclusive ways of delivering them. 

Finally, the Music Mark team will be on site to chat with and discuss topics ranging from developments from Arts Council England, the 2023/24 relationship framework, the investment process, and more. Bridget Whyte, Gary Griffiths and colleagues from legal firm Bates Wells will be available for bookable 1-2-1s to discuss what we know at the time and how we can support you with the next steps. 

We look forward to seeing you on the 25th! 

Find out more about the Industry X Education Interface and book your free place here.