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DRILLOSOPHY for Mental Health Awareness Week

19th May 2020

Episode 2 of Drillosophy is out in time for Mental Health Awareness Week, it focuses on ‘catharsis’ and rap lyricism as a form of therapy. It is especially targeted at boys and young men, to promote the idea of talking about one’s emotions and experiences. The task this week is for young people to identify a song that makes them feel relaxed, mindful and positive, and to share it with someone who might appreciate it.

Watch it here.

RoadWorks co-founders Ciaran Thapar and Reveal use Aristotle’s concept of ‘catharsisto explore storytelling in rap lyrics as therapy. Episode 2 features youth worker, writer and rapper Franklyn Addo and special guest Ambush talking about his new single Eastenders‘.

Are you a teacher, youth worker, mentor, or carer? A secondary school, youth charity or music hub?

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“I’m blown away by this new Drillosophy episode, which fuses rap lyrics and philosophical concepts to get young people to think deeply about trauma, toxic masculinity, and emotional health” 
— Professor Forrest Stuart, Stanford University, author of Ballad of the Bullet: Gangs, Drill Music, and the Power of Online Infamy.

is a response to the COVID-19 lockdown in spring/summer 2020 and RoadWorks music education charity outreach initiative. It gives young music fans remote access to fortnightly workshops about music culture and critical thinking, and educators practical resources to deliver to students.