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Don’t Stop the Music campaign taken on by ISM and MIA

21st April 2015

The Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM) and Music Industries Association (MIA) have announced they will ‘work in association’ on the Don’t Stop the Music campaign, which launched last year alongside a Channel 4 documentary featuring pianist James Rhodes.

The campaign aims to improve music teaching in schools and last year ran a musical instrument amnesty to coincide with the television broadcast.

Rhodes said of the campaign and its development: ‘The findings from the initial stages of Don’t Stop the Music gave me sleepless nights. Music education is in desperate need of support from the government, and with May’s election fast approaching, it is important that music education is not forgotten by whoever forms the next government. I am delighted that the ISM, in association with MIA, has agreed to become an integral part of this campaign.’

The report following Ofsted’s recent consultation on its proposals for inspection reform – which will be implemented from September – noted responses from ‘many parents and others’ received as a direct result of the campaign, all calling for a specific focus on music. It said: ‘Ofsted cannot commit to focusing inspection disproportionately on an individual subject. However, we agree with the broader point that inspection must take account of whether schools offer a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum … we will consider the breadth and balance of a provider’s curriculum under the effectiveness of leadership and management judgement.’

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