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DfE funding for Music Education

6th January 2020

The Department for Education announced it’s plans regarding funding for music education and the wider arts and cultural education sector on Friday. The amount includes the boost to funding for Music Education Hubs we previously reported in November. The DfE will also be investing a further £1 million in charities that help young people learn about different styles of music, in order to “support the next generation of musicians”.

Whilst it is good to now have official confirmation of the ongoing funding for English Music Education Hubs and government funded National Youth Music Organisations for the next financial year (2020/21), the amount allocated continues to be well below the figure given to English Music Services a decade ago. If funding had increased with inflation in 2020/21 Music Education Hubs would have received £100 million.

Hub leaders and music educators have been discussing the announcement in the press and on social media. Music Mark Chair and head of Hull Music Service James Dickinson was interviewed on Radio Humberside saying it was, “A fantastic announcement” but highlighted that the announcement confirmed the money Music Hubs already receive. Acknowledging, “In the current context that’s fantastic that it’s been renewed but… I think there’s a lot more that we could do.” James also highlighted how important diversifying fundraising streams has been to Hull Music Service with Arts Council England and local government both being integral to music education provision in Hull.

TES have reported on the funding announcement and how it impacts the wider arts and cultural education sector.

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