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David Cameron talks exclusively to Classic FM: ‘Get the basics of education nailed down then look at music’

27th April 2015

The Prime Minister has said reading, writing and numeracy must come before music education in the first of a series of pre-election interviews between party leaders and Nick Ferrari, to be broadcast at 7pm tonight on Classic FM.

Conservative leader David Cameron told Classic FM that music education is important, but reading, writing and numeracy must come first

“Music education is hugely important. But I think sometimes we get ourselves in a bit of a muddle about this. Sometimes people look at the core of the curriculum and they want everything to be in it. And I’m a great believer that at the heart of a good education you’ve got to get the basics right. And so we’ve been quite tough saying the basics have got to be the reading, the writing, the numeracy. We’ve been promoting this thing, the English Baccalaureate, with the heart of a good education.

“And the more I think you get the basics nailed down, the more opportunities there then are to look at art and culture and drama and music – and indeed sport.

“And we’ve invested in these things. As a government we’ve put something like £390m into music education. We’ve created these hubs around the country so that more children get the chance to learn a musical instrument. I think it is important. There’s more to be done but there’s a lot of work going into it at the moment.”

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